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Fixed Asset Management Solutions

Our Approach

We specialize in the structuring, development and management of fixed asset infrastructure. With proven expertise in retail and commercial property development, construction, facilities management and property operations we create environments within which our clients can grow their businesses.

Our value proposition is to facilitate and deliver growth in returns on fixed assets through deliberate planning, business insight and industry foresight.

We grow awareness of how our decisions today in the fixed asset management value chain impact tomorrow and provide maximized lifecycle value of capital investment through an integrated delivery chain, which works towards:

  • cutting edge solutions

  • safeguarding business continuity

  • optimizing operational cost

  • enhancing risk transparency.

Our Journey

Xaris is the culmination of a diverse set of experience and knowledge of a group of like-minded individuals determined to implement a vision of integrating the links of the value chain to optimize fixed asset management through a unique and leading business offering.

We have more than 25 years of experience in project structuring, with the establishment of Kalibrate Facilities Management in 2005, MI Properties in 2006, SKT Construction in 2008 and Financial Investments in 2009. Recognising the value of and end-to-end integrated offering, Xaris was born.


We are passionate about our journey. It will lead us to new places and a better future. It is a journey that will not only help us create and expand enduring client relationships, but will also enable us to continually strengthen our service capabilities in defining a new paradigm for sustainable end-to-end fixed asset management.


We believe in doing the right thing; developing tomorrow’s fixed asset management solutions today. Responding to current business imperatives with solutions that will be sustainable and equally beneficial given tomorrow’s realities. 

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be recognized as a global leader and distinctive provider of fixed asset management solutions.

This recognition will come from clients and stakeholders who experience the quality of service and depth of solutions we create. 


We consider it strategically important to amalgamate and seamlessly integrate critical links of the fixed asset management value chain. Currently Xaris owns Investments, Construction, Facilities Management and Property Management companies.


Our values underpin what is unique about Xaris and determine and guide our conduct. Our values are fundamental to our identity and, as such, are integrated into the very fibre of our business.

Who are we
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Fixed Asset Management

The fixed asset management value chain is complex as it is composed of interlinked chains, each with different stakeholders that have diverse interests. These stakeholders include investors, professionals, builders, facility and property managers, tenants and end users.

Our ability to integrate all the links in the value chain means we are able to assume responsibility for feasibility studies and design specifications. We can fund or co-fund development. We take control of every facet of construction and oversee the operation, management and maintenance of a fixed asset up to, and including, the decommissioning phase.

This enables Xaris to create value in, and synergy between, every stage in the lifecycle of infrastructure development. We are specialists in the development, construction, management and maintenance of a broad range of fixed assets including buildings, complex facilities, commercial and retail complexes and high-tech telecommunication hubs.


Owning the value chain and taking responsibility for the entire fixed asset lifecycle means we are in it for the long haul. Our approach is focused on maximizing lifecycle value of investment in capital-intensive infrastructure. With this long-term disposition we engage in building partnerships with our Clients, our people and the communities in which we work. 

We utilize our unmatched ability to integrate different parts of the value chain to let Clients’ fixed assets work for their businesses. Even better, in every link of the value chain we are mindful of the implications of our actions, and how these will affect the next phase of lifecycle management. When we structure projects, we tailor make solutions to our client needs and incorporate the latest innovative ideas and strategies. When we design a building or plant, we design it to be maintenance and management friendly. When we build, we understand the impact of every decision on the cost of operation. When we manage plants and properties, we ensure healthy return on investments.

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