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Xaris Developments was recently featured in Africa Outlook. Click below to read more.

Our Purpose

Xaris Developments is focused on enabling infrastructure development opportunities within emerging markets.


Infrastructure development is crucial to economic and social growth, and power plants specifically underpin all other development and form the underlying backbone of socio-economic prosperity. 


Our projects cover Power Plant Development across the energy mix – from cutting edge clean-coal technology to thermal and renewable energy.  Our flagship Power Plant Development project is the Walvis Bay Power Plant which is an integrated LNG to Power project.



The right technology is, however, only one part of a successful infrastructure project. Xaris expertly brings together a package comprising the correct financial structure, the right investors and the best technology, all tailored for developing market conditions.    


At Xaris Developments we are passionate about our purpose. It will lead us to new places and a better future. It is a purpose that will not only help create and expand infrastructure, but will enable the sustainable development of communities and people. 

Our Vision

Xaris Developments' vision is to be recognized as a global leader and distinctive developer of infrastructure development projects. 


Xaris Developments is part of the Xaris Group, which brings together select providers of critical infrastructure components. The Xaris Group was founded in 2010 and brings a wealth of experience and backing to Xaris Developments’ projects.


It is critical to Xaris Development’s vision that we have the financial freedom to invest in, and co-fund flagship development projects. As such, Xaris Developments has access to its own as well as external investment funds; for investment in energy and high technology infrastructure. 


We assume responsibility for the design, development, construction, operations and maintenance of our projects. We fine-tune our projects for each environment—social, political, economic, regulatory—and deliver to the Xaris standard: best quality, technologically-advanced, sustainable, bankable projects.

Our Promise

Xaris Development’s unrelenting focus on quality, our wealth of knowledge and our proven expertise ensure that we deliver solutions which are forward looking, agile and sustainable.


While it’s impossible to predict the future, it is possible to use industry insight to plan with prudence. Xaris has a sound understanding of current and emerging industry trends; we also understand how those trends are further shaped by the unique rewards and challenges of bringing large projects to life in developing countries.


Our expertise, gained over many years, is in the areas of project identification, development, structuring, construction and the maintenance and operations of technically complex facilities. We have cut our teeth in a highly specialised environment and we know what works and what doesn’t. 


Emerging markets are always in a state of change and growth. In such an environment, competitive advantage is linked to those resources that are rare, valuable and difficult to imitate. Knowledge-based resources are the key that unlocks the door to innovation and success. 


Our insight, expertise and knowledge are underpinned by our integrity and commitment to our partners, clients and the communities our projects benefit.

Who are we


Project Development 

Our core business is the development and delivery of mega-infrastructure projects, with a specific focus on power plant development. Xaris Developments has the capacity and track record to deliver highly complex integrated infrastructure projects to the market. 


Limited recourse financing is a popular method for financing projects and globally emerging markets are increasingly utilising this model for the financing of their critical infrastructure projects. The overall structuring of such projects is a critical part of their success­—this is even more crucial in the emerging market—Xaris has a deep understanding and knowledge of the components which culminate in a 'bankable' project.


Our team develops an integrated end-to-end project solution, which covers all the aspects of technical feasibility and basic design studies, fuel selection and sourcing, commercial evaluation and financial modelling, regulatory and permitting requirements, environmental impact assessments as well as the facilitation of equity and debt finance for our various projects.


While many of our projects are fossil-fuel based, we have the requisite expertise to develop and execute power infrastructure projects across the sphere of generation technologies. 

View our project development methodology below;

Due Diligence and Investment  Reviews

The Xaris Developments team conducts a significant number of due diligence reviews on behalf of various Equity portfolios. Amongst others, Xaris Developments has conducted reviews on the following projects for our various clients:

  • Solar Monolith and Panel  Manufacturing Facilities in South Africa 

  • 44 MW Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant outside Touwsriver in the Western Cape, South Africa

  • Various LNG to Power Projects being considered for the South African Gas to Power Programme

  • Power development projects focused on hydro, gas and coal in various parts of Africa

During the due diligence process, a number of projects has been identified for active development in partnership with our stakeholders and we are at various stages of development with these projects. 

In addition to project development, Xaris has also acted in advisory roles for various other project developers as our team of experts holds a strong knowledge of project structuring in order to achieve limited recourse financing on the African Continent and other emerging markets.

Financial Modelling, Analysis and Audit Services

Planning, structuring and analysis are integral to the success of a project, the financial model is a key element in this and is a pre-requisite of funders and equity investors alike. Xaris's financial models are robust; we use the FAST standard to compile our models thereby reducing model risk significantly. The FAST standard is an independent, externally recognised modelling standard, models that are compiled to these standards are flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent.

Through an iterative process of specification, development and review we ensure that the financial models satisfy the requirements of clients and stakeholders alike. Xaris has developed numerous financial models for various generation infrastructure projects including hydro, solar, wind farms, open and closed cycle gas generation, thermal generation, etc.

Xaris is dedicated and passionate about financial modelling incorporating insightful analysis and industry experience.

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Walvis Bay Power Plant 

Walvis Bay Power Plant is innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly – a model for forward-thinking solutions to the increasing power needs in the SADC region. Once in operation, the plant will use regasified liquefied natural gas to generate 300 MW of power. 

Walvis Bay Power Plant also has the potential to boost the economic development and energy diversification of the area by sparking off a whole new industry. Using the project’s gas storage and transportation infrastructure, natural gas could be supplied to independent power producers, factories, mines and households in Namibia and other SADC countries seeking to diversify their power supply.

Asset 4.png
Power Supply for the Erongo Region and wider SADC area

The Xaris team conceived of this project, and has refined it to ensure that the Plant will deliver long-term benefits to its off-takers, who will enter into a 25-year power purchase agreement with Xaris. Financial close of the project is anticipated in 2019. 

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Our Partners

At Xaris we know that successful project development is a combination of vision, knowledge and hard work. Our internal team is complemented by our carefully selected partners.


We work with Engineering, Financial and Legal advisory experts in the energy and infrastructure fields. We have also developed relationships with leading OEM and EPC companies across the globe.


Our partners are fully committed to our projects and share our vision to enable community and economic growth through infrastructure development.  

Click on our partners' logos for more information.

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